Photochromic Plastisol (PHOT)

This ink changes colors when exposed tosunlight.________________________________________________________________


·        White Fabrics

·        White PlastisolUnderbases


·     Indoor colors are Pale,Transparent

·     Outdoor colors are Bright,Intense


General Information

Photochromic Plastisol Inks (PHOT) are almost colorless whenviewed indoors but when viewed outside or under a source of intenseUV light they quickly acquire a rich, bright color.  Thisenables you to provide your customers with prints that display onedesign indoors and a dramatically changed design indoors.


Not opaque. This ink is transparent.


Use polyester monofilament meshes from 85 to 230 threads/inch(34-91 threads/centimeter). Thicker ink layers will provide moredramatic and durable colors.


Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible withplastisol inks.


These inks are supplied ready to print. Always stir the ink wellto determine the actual viscosity before adding any reducer. Reducingthe ink reduces the color intensity. Never add mineral spirits to anyplastisol ink.

 Mixing Instructions

This ink may separate over time.  This may be corrected bythoroughly mixing the ink before printing.  You can produceadditional colors by mixing two Photochromic inks.  Severalformulas for creating more colors are listed at the end of thisTechnical Data Sheet.

Curing Instructions

The inks will cure and withstand repeated washings when the entireink film reaches 300 F (149 C).  Proper curing is veryimportant.  Poor washability of the print can generally betraced back to under-curing.


Clean the screens and squeegees with mineral spirits or any screenwash designed for plastisol inks.


This product has been tested to 20 wash and dry cycles with noloss of color intensity.  Thicker ink layers will be moreresistant to laundering. 

Caution:  Do not use chlorine bleaches when washing garmentsprinted with Photochromic Inks.  This will destroy thephotochromic effect.  Do not dry clean or iron printedareas.

Durability of the Color Change Effect

About half of the photochromic element will still be active afterabout ten hours of constant exposure to intense UV radiation. The ink will still change color but the colors will not be asbright.  The thicker the ink layer, the more durable the colorchange effect will be.

This ink has an indefinite shelf life if stored at roomtemperature.

Technical Tips
Combining a Photochromic and a  transparent plastisol willproduce an ink that has one color indoors and another coloroutdoors.

StandardColors                                                                     IndoorColor                                            Outdoor

PHOT-2000  PhotochromicYellow                                         Transparent                                           Similar to PANTONE135 or 136

PHOT-4000  PhotochromicMagenta                                      Transparent                                           Similar to PANTONE 512

PHOT-4025  PhotochromicPurple                                          Transparent                                           Similar to PANTONE 260

PHOT-5000  PhotochromicBlue                                             Transparent                                          Similar to PANTONE 647 or 653

For more information on additional colors, see page 2 of thistechnical Data Sheet.


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